New York based guitarist Joe Nardulli's self-titled debut CD inspired and intrigued a bunch of local progressive rock musos. After jamming with a few, Joe finally found the right people and put a band together. David Penna on drums, J. Levine on bass and Eric Davis on keys brought Joe's solo material to life.  Harold Skeete and Tony Savasta are now filling the rhythm section duties.  Now as a band, AD ASTRA (Latin for "To the stars" - inspired by the title of the closing track of Joe's self-titled debut CD) has taken the compositional process to another level and have completed a full band recording!  With tone and melodic sensibilities reminiscent of Steve Morse and Eric Johnson, the focus is on compositions that are tightly structured, eschewing the bombast and length that progressive rock is known for.   Smooth, thematic playing styles blend perfectly with soaring, uplifting melodies. Combined with odd and shifting time signatures, you have songs that always keep your interest and never sound monotonous.   AVAILABLE NOW - click here to order and Enjoy!!



(c)2008 Ad Astra